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Did you know that at any point in time at least 1 out of every 3 people is trying to lose weight?

Or how about this one.

The weight loss industry makes $60.9 billion a year.

More people than ever are heading online to find the solution to their weight issues.

Over 108 million people in the US consider themselves to be dieting.

Even when the economy suffers,

the diet industry still flourishes 

because people always want to lose weight.

There are unlimited sub-niches within the weight loss industry.

Here’s another neat statistic. 80% of dieters are “doing it themselves.”

They’re planning their own diet plans by reading tons of resources.

Instead of looking for THE plan, they want THEIR plan.

You know what that means?

Weight loss blogs and websites are growing in popularity.

People are looking for information.

They’re looking for that missing piece.

You can be the one to give it to them and get your slice of the $60.9 billion pie.

If you want to succeed in the weight loss industry you need awesome content that helps readers.

You need to be thinking about those emotions they’re feeling and use it in your content.

Introducing the Weight Loss Content Monthly PLR

weight loss content


weight loss

Each month members will get tons of fresh content for their weight loss blog or website.

That makes this perfect for any weight loss blogger or affiliate marketer.

When the new month’s worth of content comes out the previous month of content

will be removed so people definitely want to join from the start.

The monthly packages will include:

One PLR report

Each month you get one PLR report covering a specific weight loss niche.

You get:

  • Report in .doc format.
  • Ready to use ebook cover.
  • PSD of the eBook cover so you can easily edit it to add your name,
  • change the image, or anything else you’d like to do to make it yours.

10 PLR articles

These articles are always fresh PLR. They’re given to members before anyone else and for the lowest price.

You can’t have a successful blog without great content.

5 PLR product reviews

The easiest way to make money with your weight loss site is through affiliate marketing.

Even if you’re creating your own products as well, affiliate marketing is worth having in the mix.

Each month five of the hottest weight loss related products will be picked from sites like Amazon and Clickbank.

Then reviews will be written on those products for you where you can just pop in your affiliate link and earn commissions!

The key is to create helpful reviews that answer the important questions your readers will have

rather than just trying to sell to them.

You also need to pick hot products that people are actually interested in.

10 PLR recipes

Recipes are a great way to keep visitors coming back.

They’re also the easiest way to attract traffic from sites like Pinterest.

These aren’t your normal “PLR recipes” either.

Most of the time when you buy PLR recipes you just get a list of ingredients and a list of steps.

The author will take the time to introduce the recipe, why it’s good for people trying to lose weight,

and add in tips to make cooking the recipe easier.

10 social media images
25 PLR tweets

Social media is one of the best ways to get high quality traffic to your site.

It’s the perfect way to grow your audience, build trust with them, and showcase your new blog posts.

The author is making this step a lot easier for you by providing you with fresh PLR to use on your social media profiles each month!

Every month you get:

  • 5 quote or tip social media graphics.
  • 4 question/conversation starter social media graphics.
  • 1 hot shareable social media graphic.
  • Editable files for all graphics so you can add your logo, url, or even edit the text to easily create more graphics!
  • 25 tweets. One for each article, recipe, and product review.

Getting traffic through social media doesn’t have to be hard.

Along with the monthly content you will also get a ton of bonuses and freebies.

More will be added each month.

This “forever” content includes:
Ebooks and reports covering sub-topics for weight loss.
More social media graphics.
Lists of hot products to promote.
TONS of extra PLR articles.
A database of high quality (and vetted) PLR providers in case you’re looking for more content.

Get tons of FRESH content each and every month!

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